The Thorvald Stoltenberg Seminar is an annual training course at Utøya to support young people’s actions to foster co-existence, trust and dialogue among people living in diverse societies.

The 5-day training brings together 30 participants from all over Europe, selected through an open call. The training is for young people 18 – 26 years old who are involved in youth work, campaigns, networks, youth organizations or other activities with young people promoting youth engagement in society. The aim of the training is to support and promote youth engagement in Europe to foster co-existence, trust and dialogue in diverse societies. 


Daughter of Thorvald Stoltenberg, Camilla, together with participants of the Thorvald Stoltenberg seminar.

Former Norwegian Minister of Defence, Minister of Foreign Affairs and diplomat Thorvald Stoltenberg was a pioneer for peace diplomacy. He strongly emphasized the importance of dialogue, often exemplified by his “kitchen meetings”, where he would invite state leaders and foreign ministers to his home to enjoy a cup of coffee, relax and have a talk at his kitchen table. Thorvald Stoltenberg passed away in July 2018. In his memory, and to honour his strong belief that knowledge and respect could overcome xenophobia and hate, the Thorvald Stoltenberg seminar takes place annually at Utøya.

The seminar was first arranged in 2019, and has become an important international meeting place for young people engaged in democracy and human rights. 

The Thorvald Stoltenberg Seminar  is organized in partnership with the European Wergeland Centre with the support of the Stoltenberg family.