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Jørgen watne frydnes daglig leder utøya
[ Staff ]

Jørgen Watne Frydnes

Executive Director

Jørgen is Utøyas director. He has a bachelors degree in politics and a masters degree in International Relations from The University of York. He previously worked 8 years at Doctors Without Borders. He is also a committee member of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee and The Norwegian Helsinki Committee. Jørgen has led the effort to rebuild Utøya after the terrorist attack in 2011. 

Tel: (0047) 953 00 919  / E-mail:

Ann Helen
[ Staff ]

Ann Helen Løvstad

General Manager

Ann Helen is the one making sure all our events goes as well as they possibly can. She has previously ran her own café and been a team leader at Sundvolden Hotel. She was also head of the team at Sundvolden Hotel who did an amazing job of taking care of the youth who fled the terrorist attack on Utøya in 2011. 

Tel: 932 01 539 / E-mail:

[ Staff ]

Lars Gudmundson

Director of the Learning Centre

Lars has his educational background in global intellectual history and has a long resumé of leading national and international educational projects related to themes such as democracy and human rights. Before joining Utøya, he worked at the Ministry of Education, and was the deputy director of The European Wergeland Centre. 

Tel: (0047) 47714369 / E-mail:

[ Staff ]

Paul Patrick Børhaug


Paul Patrick is our in-house content creator. He has studied development studies and has a masters degree in African Studies from The School of Oriental and African Studies in London. Paul is also in charge of Utøyas goats. 

Tel: 926 49 598 / E-mail:

[ Om Oss ]

Zamran Ahmad Butt

Project Manager

Zamran works with Utøyas learning project and manages our educators. He has a varied background from Norwegian civic life and has worked on several projects related to dialogue, prevention of extremism and youth work.