Utøya works closely with researchers and research institutions on issues relating to extremism and radicalization. Utøya facilitates study visits, workshops and conferences where research meets practice and policy. 

The learning centre at Utøya is frequently the subject of research in the field of education and pedagogy, democracy and youth. Teacher education institutions follow the education programmes at Utøya, and there are several academic papers and theses written on various aspects of the learning programme at Utøya

Another field of particular interest for research is Utøya as a place for commemoration and memorialization. Utøya hosts study visits from museums, memorials and other sites of remembrance and commemoration, and maintains a close cooperation with several such places and institutions around the world. 

Utøya organizes several conferences and public debates every year. This is an opportunity for policy makers, researchers and practitioners to meet and discuss issues relating to various threats to democracy. Utøya is a place where it is evident that democratic values cannot be taken for granted. As such, it offers a powerful setting for difficult and important conversations on how to counter and prevent extremism.